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What do parents have to say about
Great Beginnings Preschool?

“My child attended Great Beginnings and loved it! When
I would go to pick up- all the children were happy, active and
just loving it! Parents who are looking for preschool should
go visit the school, speak to the parents currently enrolled
and meet with the staff and director. My child and my
family just loved Great Beginnings.â€�  
~Emily’s Mom

"My son is in kindergarten and still talks about Great
Beginnings. My husband and I knew from the moment we
walked in for our tour, that it was the place we wanted him
to spend his preschool years. The teachers were wonderful
with the kids. Every time I picked him up, everyone was
always so happy and having such a good time...what more could
a mom ask for! "
~ Tyler’s Mom
"Great Beginnings Preschool is just what the name states – it is a great beginning for any child. I
previously had my children in another facility and had to voice safety concerns daily. Now that my
children are at Great Beginnings I can go to work worry-free and feel confident that my children
are being cared for by competent, loving and caring staff with very little turnover. The
environment is clean, bright and cheerful. In addition to the daily care of your child, there are
many activities available after hours for families to attend. The director Melanie bases her
business decisions on what is best for the children as any childcare should. My children love all the
teachers and most days I have to drag them out because they are having so much fun!â€�  
~Roma &
Luca’s Mom

"My daughter attended Great Beginnings Preschool and had a wonderful experience. The entire
staff is caring and attentive. They are educated, friendly and great with the children. A good mom
knows when her children are happy, a good mom encourages her children to build lasting
relationships that help them grow into strong and confident, healthy adults. And a good mom would
know when she walked into Great Beginnigs that it is a wonderful place. Go see it!"   
€™s Mom

“My daughter currently attends Great Beginnings and we are very happy there. I was in the
child care industry for 15 years before deciding to send my child to Great Beginnings. I always
suggest going visit other local daycares….and see if you can find one better. G.B. is small and
private and the communication between director and staff and director and parents is great. We
love it there!�
~Hannah’s Mom